About Altitude:

At Altitude we strive to improve your travel experience.  There is no trip too big or too small that cannot be elevated to a new level with our knowledge, resources, and passionate attention to detail.  Whether you’re heading off on a weekend trip a few states over, or setting out on an around the world adventure, from the moment you leave your front door, to the moment you return, we believe the journey should be enjoyed.  

We combine the service and elegance of a boutique travel concierge, with an extensive knowledge of the modern travel and hospitality landscape, including the multitude of loyalty programs and travel alliances available.  We strive to maximize the value of your travel dollar and your airline or hotel status and points to provide the most rewarding experience possible.

Personal advising and attention to detail makes all the difference in the travel experience. You tell us your travel goals, and we can show you how to achieve them.  Whether it's finding the best itinerary for your trip, or evaluating your current miles and points balances to get the most value from them in the future, we want to help. 

Over Dusseldorf, Germany

Over Dusseldorf, Germany

About This Site:

The content provided on this site is original, and intended to help us help you reach your travel goals, and be a more informed traveler.  Likewise, the images you see throughout these pages are all captured on our personal travel.  They represent many cities, regions, and continents, and are filter-free views of the world as we see it.  We hope you take some time to look around!